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COLOURS UPDATELive your true colours! Be more confident. Look younger, radiant, and totally gorgeous.You deserve it. Includes FREE personalised colour swatch.$265
STYLE-AND-LINE UPDATEGet to know your body shape and how to dress it. Shop your unique style – from the most flattering necklines to trouser styles, jewellery, accessories. Enhance your look and camouflage the ‘challenging’ bits’. Includes personalised style booklet. $275
WARDROBE UPDATE No need to purge your wardrobe! Create a look that shows off your unique style and beauty by working with what you already have. Step out with confidence and panache! $150 per hour
PERSONAL SHOPPING UPDATE It’s like having your honest girlfriend in the fitting room – fun, informative inspirational. No more wardrobe or ‘nothing to wear’ disasters. Debbie will guide you to shop your style and colours. $150 per hour
SO YOU! WE’VE GOT STYLE (Exclusively for ladies who’ve previously had their colours done by an expert.) A one-hour one-on-one personal shopping consultation at So You! with Debbie – inspirational and life-changing! This unique offer is complementary with any simultaneous clothing purchase at So You! (Usually $150 per hour). $150
IN-HOUSE EVENTS Fun and informative. Learn useful styling hints and tips covering everything from body shapes, clothing styles, wardrobe disasters, colours,creative grooming and accessories. Useful take-home literature. Booking essential. $25 per person